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Quebec City, CANADA (October 30, 2007) – Neoptix Incorporated, the market leader in fiber optic temperature sensors, and Qualitrol Company LLC, the global leader in transformer protection and monitoring, today announced their plans to develop and produce new solutions for on-line condition monitoring for the electric transmission and distribution markets.

The two companies announced a set of broad business and technical agreements to build, market, and support a series of new solutions. Initially, Qualitrol and Neoptix plan to work together on issues concerning the integration of data collected simultaneously from traditional methods of temperature measurement and from optical direct hot-spot sensors. Data integration is a key issue facing organizations that want to take advantage of both technologies in order to monitor and optimize their large power transformers. Subsequently, the joint development team will concentrate its efforts on this key challenge.

“Qualitrol and Neoptix will first have the specific task of optimizing and integrating the large amount of information collected by each of the monitoring systems,” said Mr. Ron Meyer, president of Qualitrol. “We’re excited about working with Neoptix and we are very pleased and thrilled by the openness and fast-paced nature of our joint development team. Our customers and partners can expect further announcements from this team in the very near future.”

Collaboration between Neoptix and Qualitrol will help spur new solutions for permanent and long-term monitoring of critical equipment in the T&D markets, such as power and distribution transformers.

This new association between the two companies has been well received by customers and partners. “We are very pleased about them working together,” said Rene Bray  of Manitoba Hydro, HVDC . “Both Qualitrol and Neoptix have demonstrated their capacity to develop exciting new products and we only see their teaming efforts as positive for us,” adds Rene.

“Neoptix shares Qualitrol's vision for enhancing the user’s monitoring options and its focus on greater access to information through a single access point,” said Mr. Jeff Meilleur, president of Neoptix. “We are convinced that this new association will be beneficial for our customers and partners. It will bring to market a rich and compelling monitoring solution for utilities and end-users.”


About Qualitrol Company LLC

Qualitrol manufactures substation and transformer monitoring and protection equipment for the safety and reliability of the world’s power grid. It is the global leader in sales and installations of transformer asset protection equipment, fault recorders, and fault locators.

Using state-of-the-art design engineering and manufacturing processes, Qualitrol produces thousands of different types of products on demand, each customized to customers’ unique requirements. Established in 1945, Qualitrol is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation with headquarters in Fairport, New York and manufacturing, sales and service centers located around the world. For more information, go to


About Neoptix Incorporated

With more than 500 customers in 34 countries, Neoptix helps customers to monitor temperature for their specific challenging applications. Neoptix designs, manufactures and commercializes a complete range of optical sensors, signal conditioners and accessories for temperature monitoring for the medical, research & development and energy markets. For more information, go to

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